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The Butterbies is a game primarily for children where the child adopts and takes care of a lost caterpillar egg and raises it to a beautiful butterfly. The child needs to regularly clean, feed and play with the virtual pet to keep it healthy so it will evolve to the next stage. This teaches the child the effort it takes to properly look after a pet and it is not a trivial undertaking. If neglected the pet does not die it just looks sad and un-cared for.  There are a large number of butterflies, each with its own personality and profession to collect. 


A butterfly egg is been delivered to the Butterfly village by a stork. The stork is blown off course and the egg falls on the roof of a nearby house. The egg rolls off the roof and lands on the windowsill of the child's bedroom. When the child awakes it sees the egg and starts to look after it and their adventures begin.  


Target audience

Great for 4-8 years old but has general appeal to a wider audience 

Key features

The Butterbies is a Butterfly virtual pet adventure with games, dressing up, a Fairy and a Princess where the child needs to care for a lost caterpillar egg until it grows into a beautiful butterfly through a range of fun tasks and activities.  The child takes care of the lost caterpillar egg by cleaning, feeding and playing with it while it grows into a beautiful butterfly. 

  • 8+ unique butterflies to collect each with a different career and personality with more coming. 
  • GROW your own virtual pet from an egg to a caterpillar until it becomes a butterfly
  • COLLECT the Princess, Fairy, Witch, Ballerina, Mermaid, Pop star, Vampire and Astronaut butterflies
  • FEED, clean and play with your virtual pet as it evolves
  • ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock and get rewards as you level up
  • DECORATE the pet's environment e.g. wallpapers, blinds, lamps and plants
  • PLAY Dress up, Egg runner and many more..
  • SHARE with friends e.g. photo creation/sharing 
  • ADOPT new eggs from the nursery, who knows they may grow into a Fairy, Mermaid or Princess!

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The Butterbies received funding from Northern Ireland Screen. Northern Ireland Screen website,  Invest Northern Ireland and the European Regional Development Fund.

For more information

In the UK: Niall McShane 

Telephone number: + 44 (0) 7792732705

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